About Us

About Us

The Casino Review Center project started as a spare-time, website back in 2017. Both experienced advantage players and bonus hunters that had played at scores of different casinos, we wanted to share our experience and expertise in dealing with online casinos. Our mission was and is to build the most comprehensive and informative guide to online casinos in the world. Since then we have slowly grown into one of the world’s premier casino review websites.

What Do We Do?

We have very good rapport with most of the leading gambling companies and operators and leverage these relationships to the benefit of you, our visitor. We are able to escalate issues and problems quickly to get results.

We see our role as one of intermediary between players and gambling operators where are responsible for educating players, and resolving issues they may encounter.

Ultimately we are about helping players have a safe and pleasant gambling experience and the fact that not other portal is willing to back up its recommendations with a guarantee is testament to our commitment.